Welcome to St. Finian’s, Dillonstown. On this page you will be able to see some of the wonderful features to make our school great!

We have four very well equipped classrooms, all of which have the use of an interactive whiteboard, an equipment room, an Assembly Hall – Gymnasium, a secretary’s office and a staffroom.

Our Infant’s Playground is very well equipped. Our Parents’ Association have provided lots of toys for the children to play with and Santa Claus left a playhouse for us at Christmas!

We have lots more space now to run around and when the weather is fine we are allowed to play on the grass. This is great fun with the tractors and our playhouse!

First and Second Classes have a playground and a grass area at the front of our school. Santa Claus brought football nets for the yards at Christmas. We will move the nets onto the grass when the weather is drier.

There are also shelters where we can sit and relax if we want some quiet time to ourselves.

Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Classes have use of a playground and a football field for when the weather is drier. There are portable goalposts and fixed basketball nets on our playground.

The playgound is marked out for various games and there is lots of space for the children who don’t want to play to stroll around or play catch and other games.

We use our Assembly Hall for PE when the weather is not so good. We also do drama and dance there too.

Each Friday we have Assembly and different classes put on a performance for us. We also present our “Pupil of the Week” Awards and other prizes.

We have a stage that can be raised or lowered when we put on our productions for the parents to come and see!!