Mental Health Awareness

This week we received some information about a new mental health awareness and educational campaign. It’s called ‘Walk in My Shoes’ and is run by St. Patrick’s Mental Health Services Dublin.

We are a very healthy bunch in St. Finian’s N.S. We eat lots of fruit and veg, drink lots of water and do lots of exercise. We take great care of our bodies.

But it is also very important to look after our minds and our feelings. Some days we feel really good and really happy. Other days we might feel a bit sad or lonely. It is okay to have those feelings. It is important to understand that feeling sad sometimes is a normal part of life.

Sometimes we fall and break a bone. When that happens, we go to the hospital so that the doctors and nurses can help make us better. Our minds can get hurt too and when that happens, we can do things to help make it better, just like fixing any other part of our bodies.

If you are feeling sad or worried about something, sometimes talking to someone about it can help. You could talk to your mum or dad or a teacher. We will always try to help you.

To take part in this campaign, we were asked to take a ‘school selfie’ on Friday 8th April, upload it onto our website and display the link to the Walk in My Shoes campaign. Here are our selfies:




A big St Finian’s welcome to our new children!

We would like to extend a big St Finian’s welcome to our new children in the infant classroom.

We had a lovely first day at school. We built things with the lego, mobilio and interstar construction toys. We played with the doll’s house and the car mat. We drew some pictures. We learned our friends’ names and played some games. We sang some songs. After our lunch, we had fun playing in the playground. Maybe we will come back tomorrow!